Data Privacy and Cyber Specialists

Jurist Legal Solutions is a renowned data privacy and security legal consulting firm founded and led by a seasoned data security attorney and certified data privacy engineer. We tailor data privacy solutions across various industries.

Our goal is to enable companies to achieve compliance with government and agency regulations and standards. Before establishing the company, our founder served as a legal advisor to the government on matters related to data privacy and compliance.

He also helped develop cloud-based software that significantly enhances productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We’re here to implement business-driven quality and process improvements using existing, enhanced, and emerging technology solutions that improve productivity and positively impact the delivery of administrative and programmatic services.

To successfully achieve this, we design and implement scalable, repeatable information governance processes and procedures.

Our process starts with a thorough analysis of a company’s information systems, data, and procedures to evaluate compliance with data privacy regulations. Post-analysis, we develop risk profiles and formulate a plan in collaboration with all stakeholders.

We then initiate long-range objectives and milestones for projects involving data sharing and develop improved business process solutions that enable organizations to securely store and share high-risk, confidential information.

This enables reliable compliance throughout the data lifecycle, even during times of crisis or national emergency.

Our data privacy solutions are highly individualized. We factor in the unique needs of your company and the nature of current policies, technology, and licenses. So that everyone is on the same page, we efficiently communicate with all stakeholders:

  • Company Shareholders
  • Team Members
  • Company Clients

Beyond providing data privacy solutions, we work harder to improve every aspect of your business process, including:

  • Data-Driven Decision making
  • Information Assurance
  • Privacy Breach Response
  • Improved Efficiency

Our expertise applies across a vast array of laws and regulations governing data privacy, such as:

  • FISMA and NIST Standards
  • eGovernment Act of 2002
  • FedRAMP
  • Contract Law
  • IT Procurement Contracts
  • Inter-Agency Computer Matching Agreements
  • IT Standards
  • Indemnity Provisions
  • Third-Party Risks

Channel Legal and Technical Expertise

Trust our legal and technical expertise and get easy access to solutions allowing you to maintain productive and secure processes for storing and sharing data.